At GroupDocs, we are always keen to broaden the usability of our APIs across multiple platforms. Keeping that in mind, we are pleased to release GroupDocs.Assembly for Java, a simpe document automation and report generation API that is materialized with multitude of extinct features that you may not have experience before. Such as, support of multiple data sources, multitude of supported file formats. We would encourage you to explore the API and share your valuable feedback.

Report Generation API - ArchitectureThe first and foremost thing that is considered while shaping the API is to make it UI-Agnostic. We used object oriented approach to simplify the classes access and implementation process in your projects. Hence, document generation is no longer dependent on any GUI or tool, thus enables you to use GroupDocs.Assembly for Java 17.1.0 in a larger number of scenarios.

Document Automation API - Supported Features

  • API supports multiple file formats. Hence, it allows to create template in any supported file/document format.
  • Support of multiple data sources makes the process of report generation quite easy by fetching data from different date nodes/sources.
  • Data manipulation capabilities like Formulas, Sequential data operations, Built-in data relation support and many others
  • Easy template syntax.
  • Less coding effort. For instance, generate a bulleted list report.

Zero Dependency on any External Software/ToolGroupDocs.Assembly Engine itself does not require any additional software/tool to perform its operations. However, you will require Microsoft Office/Open Office Writer in order to create templates just like you create documents. GroupDocs.Assembly will accept a template document and data source as input, assemble data with the template by evaluating the template syntax and then generate report in the same document format as that of template. In order to see how to create various types of reports, please visit Developer Guide.

An Example Business Case and the Reporting RequirementsIt is impractical to automate countless daily basis transactions manually and finalize a report. GroupDocs.Assembly for Java 17.1.0 is here to make it possible with little efforts. In order to get developers learn easily and quickly, we have explored the common business case of a typical Manager-Client Contract System.

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Assembly:

FeedbackWe’d like to hear your valuable feedback. Just create a forum thread and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.