DOT Files Supported in Version 17.7.0 of GroupDocs.Text for .NET

GroupDocs.Text for .NET It gives us immense pleasure to inform our customers about the release of a newer version, that is version 17.7.0, of GroupDocs.Text for .NET API. Like the previous releases, this release also focuses on improving the API and has introduced some very exciting features in this regard. The latest version has implemented support for DOT(.dot) files. Apart from the basic extraction method, the users can also use IContainer interface to extract text from email messages. The API allows extracting text from PDF portfolios as well. We really hope that our users will download the latest version of the API for a better and trouble-free experience with the text extraction API.

GroupDocs.Text For .NET 17.07 – New Features

The following new features have been introduced in version 17.7.0 of the API: For more information about the features supported by the API, please see the API features

Available Channels and Resources

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