GroupDocs.Search for .NET It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of version 17.8.0 of GroupDocs.Search for .NET API. This regular monthly release adds a number of new features to the API along with an enhancement and a breaking change. Like our previous releases, we have tried our best to improve the working of the API and as a result we have come up with a breaking change where all the argument classes have been fixed according to best practices. The API has also removed some obsolete functions. Apart from these improvements, a number of new features have also been added to the API like limiting the search report, implementing accent insensitive indexing, limiting the index report, indexing ZIP archive etc are just to name a few. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the latest API and enjoy all the features and improvements made to the search API in this release.

 .NET Document Search API - Breaking Change

Version 17.8.0 of the e-search API comes up with a major breaking change where all argument classes have been fixed according to best practices.

GroupDocs.Search for .NET - New Features

Version 17.8.0 of the text extraction API introduces a number of new features. The details of those features are as follows:

Implementation of:

Addition of:

For further details about the features supported by the API, please visit Features Overview

The e-Search API - Improvements

The latest release comes up with a single enhancement. The SimilarityLevel property which was marked obsolete has finally been removed from SearchParameters in version 17.8.0 of the API

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, try, learn and get technical support on GroupDocs.Search:


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