Introducing Text Signature Appearances in Java e-Signing API v17.11


At GroupDocs, we are always focused on delivering the best to our customers. In this regard we are excitedly announcing another monthly release of eSignature for Java API version 17.11. This release not only adds a number of new features to the API, but also adds numerous enhancements along-with some bug fixes. The API now allows user to obtain verification and signing progress . We would recommend you to download the new version of API and evaluate the exciting features to enhance document e-signing experience.

eSignature API for Java v17.11 – Features

Java eSignature API v17.11 – Improvements

A detailed list of all the improvements made to the API in this release is given below:

  • Improve Verification when Page is not specified for following document types:
    • Cells
    • Image
    • Slides
    • Words
    • PDF
  • Set background color for QRcode and Barcode signatures
  • The e-Signature API v17.11 – Fixes

    A detailed list of all fixes made in this release of the API are given below:

    • Method for Document Description and Pages raise Exception
    • Incorrect Cells TextStamp rendering

    Available Channels and Resources

    Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on Document Signing API for Java:


    We always welcome you to share your feedback to improve this product. We will be happy to know your thoughts. Just create a forum thread and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.

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