We are pleased to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 17.12. This release comes with support of new document formats such as POTX and POTM. Multitude of improvements and bug fixes are also introduced in this release. Improvements such as Cells to SVG conversion, Words to Gif and setting up custom font directories are in the list. Moreover, issues like file reading error and saving complete multipage document to single image are resolved. Please take a look over the release notes to get an idea about the new features, improvements and bug fixes.


  • Conversion from/to POTX and POTM
  • Support of PPTM and PPSM
  • Back and forth conversion for XLTX and XLTM
  • Implement conversion from/to Jpeg2000


  • Check for unsupported Excel 95 XLS file format and throw an exception
  • Cells to SVG conversion improvement
  • Diagram to SVG conversion improvement
  • Set custom font directories
  • Possibility to convert one sheet per page or depending on print area when converting Cells to Pdf
  • Implement possibility to optimize target Pdf for minimum file size when converting Cells to Pdf
  • Image to SVG conversion improvement
  • Words to Gif conversion improvement

Bug Fixes

  • Conversion for Doc with macro to Docx failed
  • System.ArgumentException when converting Mobi to Ppt or Pps
  • Conversion of specific pptx to jpg results wrong output
  • PDF to TIF conversion, InvalidValueFormatException
  • Index was outside the bounds of the array, while Converting .xlsx File To PDF
  • Numerous new exceptions when using Conversion 17.3.0
  • The protected presentation throws some other exception than PasswordProtectedException
  • Certain presentation slide is not converting properly to any output format
  • File reading error
  • Does the API supports output HTML styles
  • Performance issue while converting PDF files
  • Getting file’s metadata using Document Conversion API
  • Saving complete multipage document to image is not supported

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion: