GroupDocs.Text for .NET It gives us immense pleasure to announce the release of version 18.4 of GroupDocs.Text for .NET. The latest version allows extracting the table of contents from the EPUB documents. Furthermore, we have added the feature of detecting media type of .one file. Following sections provide details about the newly added features.

Extracting TOC from EPUB Documents

Using version 18.4, you can now extract TOC from the EPUB documents. To access the TOC, TableOfContents property of **EpubPackage **class is used. Once you get the TOC from the document, you can access the following properties of TOC items using TableOfContentsItem class:

  • Text - the text of the item (usually, it is a chapter’s title)
  • PageIndex - the page index of the text (null if it is just a node without content)
  • Count - the number of sub-items (zero if the item hasn’t sub-items)
  • this[int index] - gets a sub-item
  • ExtractPage - extracts a text of the item

Following code snippet shows how to extract TOC from EPUB document.``` // Create a text extractor using (EpubTextExtractor extractor = new EpubTextExtractor(@“document.epub”)) { // Print TOC on the screen PrintToc(extractor[0].TableOfContents, 0); }

private static void PrintToc(IEnumerable tableOfContents, int depth) { // Use spaces to indicate the depth of the TOC item string spaces = new string(’ ‘, depth);

// Iterate over items
foreach (TableOfContentsItem item in tableOfContents)
    // Print the item's text

    // If item has a text (it's not just a node)
    if (item.PageIndex.HasValue)
        // Print the text length
        System.Console.Write(string.Format(" ({0})", item.ExtractPage().Length));


    // If the item has children
    if (item.Count > 0)
        // Print them
        PrintToc(item, depth + 1);


# Media Type Detector for .one Files

This feature allows detecting the media type of OneNote sections using **_NoteMediaTypeDetector_** class. Following code snippet shows how to use this feature.```
// Create a media type detector
var detector = new NoteMediaTypeDetector();
// Detect a media type by the file name
// Detect a media type by the content

Available Channels and Resources

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As always, you are welcome to share your feedback or suggestions to improve this product. Just create a new topic at our forum and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.