GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 18.12 comes with some new features, improvements and bug fixes. Conversion from IGS, PLT and CGM formats is introduced. Now, API can automatically add extension of the converted file if not set. Image, PDF and Word conversion is also improved. Furthermore, Excel to SVG and XPS to PDF conversion issues are now resolved. Please take a look over the release notes to get an idea about the changes introduced. We’d recommend you to integrate latest release of the API in your project and share your feedback.


  • PdfFormattingOptions when converting to PDF
  • Implement specific options for converting TXT documents
  • Conversion from IGS, PLT and CGM
  • Password protection when converting to ODS
  • Supports conversion of password protected ODS document


  • Automatically add extension of the converted file if not set
  • Remove obsolete constructors and properties
  • Image to PDF conversion improvement
  • Improve per page savings when converting to Words, Images, Slides, Cells, PDF, XPS, HTML
  • Security improvements update
  • PDF to Cells improvement
  • Words, Slides, PDF, HTML, Cells and Image conversion options
  • Implement option for removing embedded files in PDF

Bug Fixes

  • Exception when cache is enabled
  • XLS to HTML output is too small
  • Excel to SVG conversion issue
  • XPS to PDF conversion issue
  • The image inside presentation isn’t the same in ODP output
  • Missing border in ODS Excel output
  • XLSX file eats almost 2 GB RAM while converting and the process never completes
  • MS word document font substitution issue
  • Trendlines in graphs on word documents not displaying
  • Numbered items in .txt file converted to .pdf, output is not as expected
  • An exception raises while rendering to the image output

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion: