This may be a big news for those who annotate TIFF documents, most of the time. Previously, there was issue with this format. API was throwing exception “Cannot open image file”. But now you can:

  • Import annotations from TIFF file
  • Delete annotations from it
  • Export annotations into it

Moreover, in trial mode you were not able to get document info. This issue is now resolved in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.6.

Lets see new features introduced:

More Slide Formats
API now supports following new Slide formats:

  • PPTM
  • POTX
  • POTM
  • PPSM

Credit Based Billing
We integrated credit based billing system in GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 19.6. Each document operation, along with consumed bytes, also consumes one credit. The amount of already used credits can be retrieved through method GetConsumptionCredit in the Metered class:

API version 19.6 is now available for download. Integrate it in your existing or new applications.