Did you ever wish to get image representation of a document? GroupDocs.Merger for Java 19.6 will make your wish come true. This feature is also helpful for front end application development.

Let’s have a look at its implementation.

It will return page number and page stream. Using getPagePreview method you will get list of page image representations for a document of known format. So, source document file format should be specified.
But what will happen if you don’t specify file format or if it is undefined? The good thing is, it will be detected on the fly.

In this release, we introduced/added support for some new file formats:

  • XLT
  • XLTM
  • XLTX
  • TSV
  • LaTex

Let’s now take a overview of improvements introduced:

  • ODP presentations loading is optimized
  • Ability to specify page number for every joining document. These pages will be included to the resultant document

Along with features and improvements we also emphasize on your feedback. Therefore, we’d like to mention some major bug fixes introduced in this release.

MovePage method was not working accurately for EPUB and EPS formats. This issue is now resolved.
Issue in saving and loading of LaTex documents is resolved.

You can download latest version of the API here. Share your feedback or post your queries here.