Invoices and receipts are the documents that are used to record the transactions in a particular format when buying or selling of the services or goods is involved. Things have gone digital and with the popularity of online shopping, digital invoices are widely used. Processing a number of digital invoices and extracting the information manually is a complex as well as time taking process. Thus, you need a faster yet efficient way for such a case. So in this article, I am going to show you how to extract data from a PDF invoice or receipt programmatically in C# using GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API.

Workflow for Extracting Data from a PDF Invoice

The following is the workflow of how to extract the data from a PDF invoice using GroupDocs.Parser for .NET.

  • Create table parameters for extracting data from the tables.
  • Create template items for extracting data from fields.
  • Parse the invoice according to the given template.
  • Extract the data.

The Invoice

The following is the screenshot of a sample PDF invoice that I’ll use for extracting the data. You can download this invoice from our GitHub repository.

The Code

  • Create the template for the given invoice (read more about templates).
  • Parse the invoice and extract data.

The Output

To explore more about GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API, visit the documentation. Reach us at our forum in case of any questions or queries.

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