The database is considered to be an integral part of most of the applications. Be it a desktop, web or mobile application, database plays a vital role in storing, accessing and manipulating the data. There are many database management systems that allow creating and managing databases for you.

However, there could be a scenario when you need a way to extract data from database files, i.e. .db file, without installing a database management system or writing the SQL queries. How would you parse the database file in such a case and get the data from it?

In this article, I am going to demonstrate how easily you can extract the data from the tables in an SQLite database without writing SQL queries. I am going to use GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API which supports extracting data from databases via ADO.NET.

Steps to Extract Data from Tables in SQLite Database (.db)

1. Create a new project in Visual Studio.

2. Install GroupDocs.Parser for .NET from NuGet.

3. Add the following namespaces.

4. Prepare the connection string.

5. Load the database file in the Parser object.

6. Get list of the tables in the database using Parser.GetToc method.

7. Iterate over the tables and extract data.

Complete Code


C# code to Extract Data from SQLite Database

Visit the documentation to explore more about GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API. You can download or clone the source code examples from GitHub repository. In case of any query, just post it on the forum.