Compare two documents – Control header and footer comparison in C#

Compare two documents but ignore or include header and footer content. Is this what you need in your document comparison application? Then you must try GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET. This back-end API can be implemented in any of your .NET application without any third party tool/software dependency. Those who are already using this API, we have some interesting features and few bug fixes introduced in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 19.11.

Set output paper size

A new property PaperSize is introduced in CompareOptions class using that you can adjust paper size of the resultant document (e.g. PaperSize.A4). If you don’t set PaperSize value, output file will has paper size same as target document by default.

Multi comparer for Email and Text formats

API now allows you to compare more than one email and text (target) files.

Comparing multiple text files follow same procedure.

Switch header and footer comparison

A new property HeaderFootersComparison is introduced in CompareOptions class. If you don’t want to compare header/footer of a document, just set this property to false.

Following are some of the main bug fixes introduced in latest release:

  • API is not releasing file handles
  • Incorrect box dimensions and position
  • Exception during comparing PDF-files without license

Get API from download section. Explore developer guide and in case of any issue, post it on forum.