Java API to redact text in word pdf excel powerpoint

The technology is growing at a huge pace and to stand strong through this storm you need to improve every day. Accordingly, to make you enhance your applications and take them to the next level, we keep trying to meet your emerging requirements by introducing new features and improving the existing ones. This is the reason we have introduced an optimized and simplified version of our Java document sanitization and text redaction API - GroupDocs.Redaction for Java.

The v19.11 of GroupDocs.Redaction for Java has been released with a new public API and a couple of enhancements. So let’s have a look at the enhancements and changes we have done in this version.

Support of Numbers Spreadsheets

Numbers is Apple’s application to create and view the spreadsheet documents in iOS or macOS. The spreadsheets created within this application are stored with .numbers extension and they are quite similar to the other spreadsheets, for example, that are created with MS Excel. We have extended the list of our support spreadsheet formats in the latest release and added the ability to redact the content in the Numbers spreadsheets. Visit spreadsheet redaction for more details on text redaction in spreadsheets.

Setting PDF Compliance Level

GroupDocs.Redaction also allows saving the redacted document into a rasterized PDF document. Since the PDF documents may possess different compliance levels such as PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, we have made it possible for you to set the compliance level of the resultant PDF document as per your choice. For this, the enum PdfComplianceLevel has been added to com.groupdocs.redaction.options package. The following code sample shows how to set the PDF compliance level.

Breaking Changes

In v19.11, we have introduced a new public API which is designed to be simple and easy to use. The following are some notable changes we have made in this version and if you are already using the API, you will face these breaking changes once you upgrade.

  • The Redactor class is introduced to manage the document redaction process (instead of _Document _class from previous versions).
  • The methods redactWith() of the _Document _class are replaced with similar apply() methods in the _Redactor _class. 
  • The classes RedactionSummary, RedactionLogRecord, and MetadataFilter have been renamed to RedactorChangeLog, RedactorLogRecord, and MetadataFilters respectively.
  • A number of new exception classes and base exception class for GroupDocs.Redaction exceptions are added.
  • The constructor LoadOptions(DocumentFormatConfiguration) has been removed.
  • All the obsolete members have been removed from the public API.

Please visit the migration notes to see how the classes, methods and their usage has been changed in v19.11.

Try out the latest release by downloading or cloning the source code examples from GitHub. Visit documentation for more details on how to redact, hide, or find and replace text, metadata, and annotations in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and image formats.

In case you find something difficult for you, feel free to let us know via our forum.