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Free JSON to XML Online Converter

You can change JSON data into XML format using a free online converter. Just follow the simple steps to get started.

  1. Drag and drop your JSON file into the assigned area or upload it.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments to the Load and Convert options.
  3. Click the CONVERT NOW button, and your JSON file will be converted to the XML format.
Convert JSON to XML - Online Free

Convert JSON to XML - Online Free

The servers will delete the file after 24 hours and the download links will become inactive at that point.

Why JSON to XML?

Both the formats are widely used for representing and exchanging structured data. Each format has strengths and weaknesses, and there are various reasons why you might want to convert from JSON to XML:

  • Data Validation: In comparison to JSON, XML has a strong validation mechanism, such as XML Schema or DTD, that can be used to ensure the data conforms to a specific structure.

  • Readability: XML is a markup language that uses tags to represent data, making it easier for humans to read and understand. JSON, on the other hand, is also a well-structured and concise format but it might be a little difficult to read for non-technical users.

  • Data Transformation: Converting from JSON to XML can be useful when you need to transform or manipulate the data using XSLT.

There can be many other use cases, however, the decision to convert from JSON to XML majorly depends on your specific requirements.

JSON to XML Converter – Developer’s Guide

As a developer, you have various options for creating a converter from JSON to XML. You can choose to use standalone libraries or cloud-based APIs. By exploring these options, you can find the most suitable platform that meets your requirements for building a converter from scratch.

JSON to XML Conversion in C#

Here’s how to convert a JSON to XML in C# using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET:

  • Integrate the library into your application.
  • Utilize the following code to load the file and convert it:

You can gain further insight on how to construct a JSON to XML converter in C#.

Convert JSON to XML in Java

You can also use Java APIs to convert JSON files to XML. Please visit product and documentation pages for more details.

Cloud API for JSON to XML Converter

If you are in need of a Conversion Cloud API for your cloud applications, you can choose the most suitable API for your requirements by exploring the various available options.


How to convert JSON to XML online?

All you need to do is upload your JSON file, click on the conversion button, and then download the resulting XML file once the conversion process is complete.

How quick is this online JSON to XML tool?

Our free online JSON to XML converter is quick and efficient, providing conversions in mere seconds.

How can I create my JSON to XML converter?

You can build your own online conversion tool using either our standalone libraries or cloud APIs.

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