GroupDocs Editor for Java

We are excited to announce that GroupDocs.Editor is coming to Java Platform. It will be a lightweight component that’ll allow to edit multiple document formats like Word, Cells, Slides, PDF and many more in form of HTML. Moreover, this API will permit user to translate source documents into HTML or save HTML into source document format.

Features Offered by GroupDocs.Editor for JavaGroupDocs will keep on updating this API with new features. An initial list of features offered by the API will be:

  • Native Java API
  • Simple to Use
  • Storage Agnostic
  • UI Agnostic
  • Convert Document to HTML
  • Convert HTML to Document

First Version AvailabilityWe are finalizing the first release of GroupDocs.Editor for Java and hope that you will be able to download it very soon. Please stay tuned for further updates. We would be happy to hear your queries or suggestions at GroupDocs.Editor forum.