GroupDocs.Search for Java We are pleased to announce that the first version of GroupDocs.Search for Java has been released. The API allows Java developers to perform searching and indexing operations against various formats to gain data insights. One can easily perform actions to search through different directories and documents for text occurrences, basic metadata fields, file names, document types and many more. Please continue to read more about the features and the file formats supported by the API.

Supported Features

Following are the salient features of GroupDocs.Search for Java.

  • Simple Search
  • Boolean Search
  • Regular Expression
  • Faceted Search
  • Case Sensitive Search
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Synonym Search
  • Date Range Search
  • Numeric Range Search
  • Spelling Corrector
  • Keyboard Layout Corrector
  • Searching by Parts

Object TypesGroupDocs.Search supports searching for the following object types.

  • Text Occurrences
  • Basic Metadata Fields
  • File Names
  • Document Types
  • Document Created/Modified Dates

For more details on supported features, please visit the article: Features Overview.

Supported File Formats

The following is the list of file formats supported by GroupDocs.Search.

  1. Microsoft WordDocument Formats (.doc/.docx/.docm/.dot/.dotx/.odd/.ott)
  2. Presentation Document Formats (.ppt/.pptx/.pot/.potx/.ppsx/.pptm/.ppsm/.ppsx/.odp)
  3. Spreadsheet Document Formats (.xlsx/.xls/.xlsm/.xltm/.xltx/.xlsb/.ods)
  4. OneNote Documents (.one)
  5. Outlook(.msg/.eml/.emlx/.pst/.ost)
  6. Electronic Publication Formats (.epub/.fb2 (FuctionBook))
  7. Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  8. Compression and Packaging Formats (.zip)
  9. Text Document (.txt)

For more details on supported formats, please visit the article: Supported File Formats.

Example Business Cases

You have a folder with a lot of books and you want to search for a specific text in them. It would be difficult to do it manually but GroupDocs.Search can perform the search for you with accuracy in few steps. Just create the index for the folder, use the search query and you will get the results. In case more books are added to the folder, you would just need to update the index. Furthermore, you can index multiple folders as well as search the query in multiple indexes.

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Search:


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write on our forum.