We are delighted to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Signature for Java. This latest version 18.11 comes up with multitudinous features along with numerous improvements and fixes. The main feature introduced in this release is ability to add and search Metadata Signatures in a PDF document. Therefore, we would recommend you to download the new version of the API to evaluate the exciting new features and enhance your document e-signing experience.


Verify Encrypted QR-Code TextUsers of this API can verify the encrypted QR-Code text in a document using property setDataEncryption Following example demonstrates how to verify text of encrypted QR-Code Signature in a PDF document:

// setup key and pasphrase
String key = "1234567890";
String salt = "1234567890";
// create data encryption
IDataEncryption encrypter = new SymmetricEncryption(SymmetricAlgorithmType.Rijndael, key, salt);
// setup verification options
PDFVerifyQRCodeOptions verifyOptions = new PDFVerifyQRCodeOptions("This is private text to be secured.");
// specify as true to verify all pages of a document
// setup encrypter to retrieve original text
//verify document
VerificationResult result = handler.verify(fileName, verifyOptions); 

Align Text in Text SignatureUsers can align text in Text Signature for a Words, Slides, Images and PDF documents. Following code sample shows how to align the text in Text Signature for a Cells document:

// setup options with text of signature
CellsSignTextOptions signOptions = new CellsSignTextOptions("John Smith");
// text rectangle size
// set text alignment inside signature (This feature is supported starting from version 18.11)

Set Signature Position in Cells Document with PixelsThis version of the API allow users to set position of signatures in a Cells document with pixels. Following code shows how to set position of a Text Signature in the Cells document:

// Specify Signature Options 
CellsSignTextOptions signOptions = new CellsSignTextOptions ("John Smith");

Ability for CancellationThe API provides ability for cancellation of following processes:

  • Search
  • Verification
  • Signing

Following example demonstrates how to cancel signing process:

// setup signature option
PdfSignTextOptions signOptions = new PdfSignTextOptions("John Smith",10,10,100,100);

handler.SignatureStarted.add(new ProcessStartEventHandler() {
public void invoke(Object sender, ProcessStartEventArgs args) {
		System.out.println("Processing of "+args.getTotalSignatures()+" signatures for "+args.getGuid()+" started at " + args.getStarted().toString());
handler.SignatureProgress.add(new ProcessProgressEventHandler(){
   public void invoke(Object sender, ProcessProgressEventArgs args) {
	   System.out.println("Singing of "+args.getGuid()+" progress: "+args.getProgress()+" %. Processed "+args.getProcessedSignatures()+" signatures. Since start process spent "+args.getTicks()+" mlsec");
	   if(args.getProgress() > 10){
		   System.out.println("Cancellation of process");
handler.SignatureCompleted.add(new ProcessCompleteEventHandler() {
   public void invoke(Object sender, ProcessCompleteEventArgs args) {
	   if (args.getCanceled()){
		   System.out.println("Singing process was canceled");
	   } else{
		   System.out.println("Singing of "+args.getGuid()+" completed at "+args.getCompleted().toString()+". Processing of "+args.getTotalSignatures()+" signatures took "+args.getTicks()+" mlsec");

Support of Measure Type Units for Cells PositioningUsers can set position of Signatures in a Cells document with some predefined measure units for following signature types:

  • Text Signatures
  • Image Signatures
  • Digital Signatures
  • QR-Code Signatures
  • Barcode Signatures
  • Stamp Signatures

Following example demonstrates using Measure Type properties to set position of a Image Signature in the Cells document:

CellsSignImageOptions signOptions = new CellsSignImageOptions (CommonUtilities.getImagesPath("sign.png"));
// specify Size
// specify size in percents of page size
// specify Intents

Metadata Signatures for PDF DocumentThe Metadata Signature is the additional document property that contains special attributes/tags to keep non visual information inside the document. Following example demonstrates how to compose Metadata Signature options for a PDF document:

// setup options with text of signature
PdfMetadataSignOptions signMetadataOptions = new PdfMetadataSignOptions();
// Specify different Metadata Signatures and add them to options sigature collection
// setup Author property
PdfMetadataSignature mdSign_Author = new PdfMetadataSignature("Author", "Mr.Scherlock Holmes");
// setup data of document id
PdfMetadataSignature mdSign_DocId = new PdfMetadataSignature("DocumentId", java.util.UUID.randomUUID().toString());
// setup data of sign date
PdfMetadataSignature mdSign_Date = new PdfMetadataSignature("SignDate", new Date(), "pdf");

Search Metadata SignatureUsers of this API can search for Metadata Signatures within the document. Following example demonstrates how to search Metadata Signatures in a PDF document:

// setup search options
PdfSearchMetadataOptions searchOptions = new PdfSearchMetadataOptions();  
// search document
SearchResult result ="SignedMetadata.pdf", searchOptions); 

Save Image as PDF DocumentImage files can be saved to PDF format using this latest release of the API.

MatchType for Text Verification OptionsThe API provides ability to verify Text Signatures with an extended option MatchType


  • Verify QR-Code and Barcode Signatures without specifying EncodeType
  • Global Exception handler to catch all un-handled exceptions
  • Setting color of QR-code and Barcode text with fore color value
  • Global Exception handler to catch all unhandled exceptions
  • Support of several Words Digital Search Options and Cells Digital Search Options

Bug Fixes

  • Fix exception on QR-Code Signature Verification when options has no Encode Type specified
  • Wrong text alignment in Text Signature shape for Words
  • QR-Code rendering for various settings
  • Wrong border appearance for PDF Text as Image signatures
  • QR-Code positioning when Signature area is more than generated QR-Code
  • Freezing of signature process on Images for QR-Code Signature
  • Incorrect signing image documents with .psd, .wmf and .svg format
  • Output PDF incorrectly signed with Digital Certificates
  • Unable to search Digital signature in Cells with extended options

Available Channels and Resources

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As always, you are welcome to share your feedback to improve this product. We will be happy to know your thoughts. Just create a forum thread and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.