Usually, when we have to shop for groceries, we choose the supermarket where we can get almost every item that we need. This way we don’t have to visit multiple stores for different types of products. Similarly, being specific to the software products, the developers prefer the component that provides a wide range of features regarding their use case so that they don’t have to use multiple solutions.

Let’s be more specific and talk about the online document viewers that are becoming more popular in modern days because of their ability to display the files within the applications without any need of dedicated software programs. Most of the time, the developers want to use an all-in-one document viewer component that can display a wide range of file formats. Thus, they can avoid using multiple components to provide support for multiple file formats.

What if I tell you that it’s now possible to have a document viewer that supports 95+ file formats?

Yes, you read it absolutely correct. In the latest release of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, we have added the support of 4 new file formats that are listed below.

  • Device Independent Bitmap (.dib)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Template (.pot)
  • Electronic Business Card (.vcard)
  • Bzip2 Compressed File (.bz2)

With this addition, the API now supports 95+ file formats and we have the eye on completing our century soon.

So, let’s not wait and use this powerful API for integrating an all-in-one document viewer component in your application. For more news and updates, stay tuned to our blog and keep posting to our forum.