Watermark Excel Files

Ever had a moment when you wanted to ensure that your special drawings or documents were secure and authentic? You can use watermarks that not only safeguard your important documents but also prove their status and authenticity. In this article, we’re going to explore various methods for adding watermarks to Excel spreadsheets. We’ll look into how to achieve this using an easy-to-use online watermarking tool. Additionally, we’ll see how to insert watermarks into Excel files using C# and Java programming.

How to Add Watermark to Excel Spreadsheets Online

When you wish to insert watermarks into your Excel Spreadsheets, it’s incredibly straightforward to achieve this online. We’ll utilize the online GroupDocs.Watermark App for this purpose.

Adding Text and Image Watermarks to Excel Online

Simply follow these steps to place watermark imprints on your Excel Spreadsheets online:

  1. Begin by navigating to the Watermark App website.
  2. Upload your Excel Spreadsheet by either clicking the Browse button or by dragging and dropping it into the specified area.
  3. Choose the watermark image you desire, whether it’s a special word or an image.
  4. Personalize your chosen mark by adjusting its appearance, transparency, and placement on the spreadsheet.
  5. To include your watermark, simply click the Create Watermark button.
  6. Now, you can obtain your marked spreadsheet by using Download option.

That’s all! Your Excel Spreadsheet now proudly exhibits a watermark.

How to Watermark Excel Spreadsheets – Developer’s Guide

Programmers! Are you prepared to insert text or image watermarks into your Excel Spreadsheets? Here is a selection of libraries that can assist you in accomplishing this task. Within this guide, we will explore the process of adding watermarks to Excel Spreadsheets using APIs for different programming languages. Feel free to take your time and select the one that aligns best with your requirements.

Okay, if you’re ready to roll, let’s jump into the coding world and discover how to programmatically include watermarks in your Excel Spreadsheets. Let’s begin!

Watermarking Excel Spreadsheets using C#

For the .NET programmers, here is the quick solution to add watermarks to your Excel spreadsheets using C#. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Incorporate the library into your program.
  2. Utilize the provided code snippet below to insert watermarks into your Excel Spreadsheets:

If you require further guidance, you can also refer to the article on How to Add Text or Image Watermarks to Excel Spreadsheets using C#.

For additional resources related to the .NET API, you can access them through the following links:

.NET API | Documentation | Download

Watermarking Excel Spreadsheets using Java

Java enthusiasts can also insert watermarks into their Excel Spreadsheets. Here’s a brief overview of how to go about it:

  1. Configure the library within your application.
  2. Implement the provided source code to embed a watermark into your Excel Spreadsheet:

For a more comprehensive guide, you can refer to the article titled Adding Text or Image Watermarks to Excel Spreadsheets using Java.

If you’re seeking additional resources related to the Java API, you can locate them here:

Java API | Documentation | Download


Adding watermarks to Excel Spreadsheets is an important way to protect your content. You may opt for the ease of online tools or prefer the programmatic approach using C# and Java, watermarking enhances the security of your spreadsheets. Look into the various techniques explored in this article and pick the one that aligns most effectively with your requirements.

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