We are excited to launch the GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Joomla. Our annotation plugin lets you embed documents to Joomla sites and allows PDF annotation, Microsoft Word annotation, and annotation of other files easily. GroupDocs Annotation simplifies document review and collaboration between teams. The powerful tool lets you add comments, draw text, strikeout content to Word, PDF or any image file through a browser. Share documents online with your colleagues for faster review and approval process. GroupDocs Annotation is compatible with different file formats. Annotate PDF, Word, or Excel from your desk and leverage the benefits of collaborative annotation.

About GroupDocs AnnotationGroupDocs Annotation is a web-based application designed for reviewing documents online. The interactive dashboard offers different annotation options for you to review documents. GroupDocs Annotation fosters collaborative reviewing and can benefit global teams working on projects. Simply invite colleagues and partners to review documents and share feedback online. Comments are accessible to all members and helps writers and managers in document management. GroupDocs is software and platform-independent, which means that it requires only a web-browser to function. Be it a PDF, Microsoft Word, or JPEG, GroupDocs Annotation does PDF annotation, Word annotation or image annotation real quick. Our annotation application not only facilitates real-time collaboration; you can also manage contacts and have complete control over document rights. Assign document rights when sharing documents and control what tasks team members can perform - download, proof, view or export.

Installing Annotation Plugin

  1. Click Install/Uninstall on the Extensions menu.
  2. Under Upload Package File, click Browse and select the path for extension.
  3. Click Upload & Install.
  4. Repeat the above steps to upload and install the Editor extension.

[caption id=“attachment_2412” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Install this efficient plugin with Joomla to annotate PDF and other documents”]Install this efficient plugin with Joomla to annotate PDF and other documents [/caption] Now, embed and share documents online with your colleagues and let them annotate PDF, Word and other files instantly. GroupDocs Annotation helps task-optimization and results in faster document review cycles. [caption id=“attachment_2410” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Perform Word and PDF annotation from within Joomla websites”]Perform Word and PDF annotation from within Joomla websites [/caption] To read the complete procedure for installing and using the plugin, refer to the online help

Why GroupDocs Annotation?Collaboration is inevitable in this information age. Business units, teams, or groups work together to achieve targets. During the process, sharing documents or files for review and suggestions are of prime importance. GroupDocs Annotation fulfills both objectives. Invite colleagues and share a PDF or marketing brochure for review, GroupDocs Annotation works as PDF annotation, or any other file annotation that you need. GroupDocs Annotation has solutions for businesses catering to different verticals. From IT firms to academic institutions, need for collaborative feedback is growing exponentially. Our super-intuitive application makes document reviewing fast and secure. The ability to work with all business formats makes our application a first-rate product. Because of its flexibility, GroupDocs Annotation is called online PDF annotation and online Word annotation. Try it now! to see the difference. Have interesting experiences to share? Please leave your feedback on GroupDocs products in our forum.