We are always keen to make our APIs rich in features and enhance usability. When we talk about annotation types. One cannot neglect ellipse annotation. Its a multi purposed annotation type. For instance you can use it to display extra information on your gauge or capture graph hits against a target line. Previously, Ellipse annotation was implemented in .NET version and it seemed very useful. We are pleased to announce that Ellipse annotation is now added in GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 19.7. Java users can implement this annotation as follows:
This is how ellipse annotation will look like:

You can also set ellipse color, pen style (e.g. dash, dot, solid), pen width. AnnotationInfo class gives you access to such properties.
You might be wondering, what documents are actually supported for the ellipse annotation? Currently, this annotation is supported for the following file formats only:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Slide
  • Image
  • Cell
  • Diagram

Setting Watermarks Angle
We’ve added ability to set text watermark angle. The process is same as adding Watermark annotation, but you should additionally set Watermark rotation angle by setting AnnotationInfo.Angle property (in degrees).

Aside new features, we’ve also fixed some bugs:

  • Only first page is saved in output when Multi-Tiff file is annotated
  • Import annotations for Images doesn’t close stream
  • Annotation not apply if page number not defined in Words

We’d recommend you to download and integrate latest release of the API and share your concerns on forum.