Portable Document Format (PDF) is a popular and widely used document format developed by Adobe. The PDF documents can contain a variety of content including formatted text, images, annotations, form fields, etc. Parsing PDF document programmatically is a popular use case and there are multiple ways of extracting the text. However, extracting images from a PDF document is a complex task. This article demonstrates how easily you can extract images from the PDF documents programmatically in C# using GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API. So let’s begin.

Steps to extract images from a PDF document

1. Create a new project.

2. Download GroupDocs.Parser for .NET or install it using NuGet.

3. Add the following namespaces.

4. Load the PDF document.

5. Extract images from the document.

6. Access each image from the collection and save it.

Complete Code


PDF Document

PDF document to extract images.

Extracted Images

extracted images from the PDF.

For a complete list of features provided by GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API, visit the documentation. Cheers!