WebP is the image format introduced by Google that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP images are smaller in size as compared to the well-known and vastly used image formats like PNG and JPG, hence provides a faster web experience.

Free Online WebP to JPG Converter

If you are here just to convert your WebP files to JPG, PDF, or WebP to PNG online, use the free online WebP conversion tool by GroupDocs that is developed using GroupDocs.Conversion API. However, if you want to achieve the exact thing programmatically in Java, continue reading.

WebP images give transparency like PNG, animate like GIF, and the most important for any web developer is the smaller size than comparative quality JPG format. However, due to incompatibility issues or any other requirement, it is sometimes needed to convert the WebP image into JPG, PNG, or other formats.

Convert WebP image to JPG, PNG or PDF formats in Java and C#

Java API to Convert WebP Images

GroupDocs provides the solution to convert 50+ document and image file formats. As a Java developer, you can use GroupDocs.Conversion for Java to convert WebP images within your Java-based applications.

You may download the JAR file from the downloads section or just add the following repository and dependency configurations in the pom.xml of your maven-based Java applications.

	<name>GroupDocs Java API</name>

While using GroupDocs.Conversion API, you can get the possible conversion formats of the source document or image by using the getPossibleConversions() method of the Converter class. There are several ways to get the possible conversions, you may visit the documentation or the API reference for this.

Convert WebP to JPG in Java

The following steps help you convert the WebP image to JPG or other formats:

  • Initialize the Converter class object with the WebP image file.
  • Set the conversion format to JPG using setFormat method of ImageConvertOptions.
  • Convert the WebP to JPG using the convert method.

The below Java source code shows how easy is the WebP conversion to JPG format. For the conversion to some other supported formats, you just have to change the output format of the image by setting the appropriate ImageFileType. For instance, to convert WebP to PNG, just change the below ImageFileType from JPG to PNG.

Convert WebP to JPG, PNG, TIFF with Advanced Options in Java

While converting the WebP to JPG, PNG, or other formats, you can also apply color adjustments to the output images. You can change the contrast, brightness, and gamma of the resultant image. The Image can be flipped, rotated, apply watermarks, or get the grayscale image as the output.

Above, I have shown the resultant images that are converted from WebP to JPG format after applying different variations using below mentioned Java code.

WebP to PDF Conversion in Java

Along with the conversion of WebP to other image formats, GroupDocs.Conversion API allows converting WebP into document formats like PDF as well. The following example shows how you can quickly convert WebP images into PDF (Portable Document Format). You can further apply different customization for the resultant PDF file using relevant Convert Options.

There are many other open-source examples that are publicly available at GitHub Repository. Download the source code and quickly run the examples using the getting started guide. In case of any difficulty, look at the documentation or reach us at any time on the forum.


I think, as a Java developer, you are now confident to programmatically convert the WebP images to JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, and other formats in Java. You can now easily change the color adjustment (contrast brightness, gamma, grayscale) to the converted formats and flip, rotate, or apply watermarks.

Why not create your own java-based application? It can convert the supported image format and apply different filters and color variations.

Have a nice coding day!

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