WebP images combine the transparency of PNG and the animation capabilities of GIF while offering a crucial advantage of smaller file sizes without compromising quality compared to JPG format. However, there are instances where converting WebP images to PNG, JPG or other formats is necessary due to compatibility issues or specific requirements. This article will first let you convert your WebP images into PNG format online. Then we will see how developers can perform this conversion with just a few lines of code using .NET and Java API.

WebP to PNG - Online Free Converter

Converting WebP to PNG - Free & Online

Within a few clicks, you can convert WebP images to PNG format easily with an online conversion tool. Follow simple steps and get the files transformed:

  1. Use the Drop or upload your file area to upload the WebP file.
  2. Select the relevant Load Options and Convert Options. (Only if required)
  3. Click CONVERT NOW to convert the WebP file to PNG format.
Convert WebP image to PNG - Online Free

Convert WebP image to PNG - Online Free

The file will be removed from the servers after 24 hours and the download links will no longer be active after this time frame.

WebP to PNG Converter – Developer’s Guide

This section is for developers and for someone who knows the importance of automation. It is advisable to thoroughly investigate the available choices and choose a platform that suits your needs when developing an online tool capable of converting WebP images to PNG format.

WebP to PNG Conversion in C#

Here’s how you can convert a WebP image to PNG in C# using GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET:

  • Install the library in your application.
  • Use the following code to load a WebP file and convert it to PNG format:
// Convert WebP image to PNG in C#
using (Converter converter = new Converter("path/image.webp"))
    ImageConvertOptions options = new ImageConvertOptions
    { // Set the conversion format to PNG
        Format = ImageFileType.Png
    converter.Convert(@"path/converted-image.png", options);

You can get more knowledge on how to build a WebP to PNG converter in C#.

.NET API | Documentation | Download

Convert WebP to PNG in Java

Java developers can follow the steps and refer to the code sample provided below to create a WebP to PNG converter using GroupDocs.Conversion for Java.

// Convert WebP to PNG in Java using GroupDocs.Conversion API
Converter converter = new Converter("filePath/WebPImage.webp");
ImageConvertOptions options = new ImageConvertOptions();
converter.convert("path/WebPTo.png", options);

To add additional effects to the PNG output, refer to another example of creating a WebP to PNG converter using Java.

Java API | Documentation | Download


Fast Conversion

Our free online WebP to PNG converter is fast and efficient, delivering speedy conversions in just seconds.

Secure Tool – Added Privacy

Your files are protected and secure during the WebP to PNG conversion process. To ensure privacy, all uploaded and converted files are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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