XML Viewer using Java - Render XML

As we hava already discussed in a .NET article, XML is a structured data storage and transportation markup language commonly used in programming. In order to properly view or share XML data, it is often necessary to convert it into other document formats such as PDF, JPG, PNG, or HTML. This article provides a basic approach to viewing XML files using simple Java code.

XML File Viewer – Java API

The GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a document viewing API that allows the conversion of multiple file formats, including XML to PDF, HTML, and image formats like JPG and PNG within Java applications. For demonstration purposes, I will be utilizing Java to convert an XML file to PDF format using this API.

You can download the JAR file from the downloads section or use the latest repository and dependency Maven configurations within your Java applications.

    <name>GroupDocs Artifacts Repository</name>

XML File Viewer using Java

The API can convert XML files into various formats including PDF, JPG, PNG, and HTML. However, this guide will only focus on how to convert XML files to PDF format. The following steps outline the process of rendering XML files to PDF:

  • Load the XML file using the Viewer class.
  • Utilize the PDF View Options to specify the desired output path and settings.
  • Invoke the View() method with the set options to obtain the XML file in PDF output.

The Java source code below demonstrates how to convert an XML file to PDF format.

Get a Free API License

You can get a free temporary license to use the API without the evaluation limitations to build an online XML file viewer.


In summary, you have learned the fundamentals of viewing XML files within a Java application using the API. In upcoming discussions, we will cover how to convert XML files into JPG, PNG, and HTML formats.

To gain more knowledge about the API and build your own XML viewer, refer to the links provided below.

Build Your Own XML Viewer Java Application

Here are some important links that will help you in building your own XML viewer Java application.

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