Good news for the document management world! You now have all required online document management apps available under one roof. I’m talking about GroupDocs: a one-stop-shop for all your document management needs. The history of modern document management systems began with development of a set of computer apps, which were used to store and monitor electronic documents. With the advancement of technology, new branches were formed in the system. Now, online document management is not just storing or monitoring your electronic documents, but it’s a system that lets you manipulate your documents any way you want. [caption id=“attachment_1488” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“GroupDocs - Make your online document management easier”]GroupDocs - Make your online document management easier [/caption]

Six Powerful Apps to Make Your Online Document Management EasierHere at GroupDocs, we’ve developed a suite of online document management applications that can help you streamline your document workflow. Our document management suite includes the following web-based apps:

  • GroupDocs Viewer - allows you to view PDF and Microsoft Office documents online, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
  • GroupDocs Signature - a legally binding online signature service that lets you sign contracts, invoices and any other legal documents by applying an electronic signature. With this app, you can legally sign documents from any web-enabled device, without the need of printing, scanning and faxing them.
  • GroupDocs Annotation - allows you to annotate PDF and Microsoft Office documents online, right in a web-browser. The app lets several parties remotely annotate the same document in real time. This is a convenient approach to how you and you colleagues/partners can collaborate on a document while reviewing it.
  • GroupDocs Conversion - a universal file converter. Allows you to convert back and forth between literally all common business file formats.
  • GroupDocs Assembly - allows you to automatically generate custom documents by incorporating data entered by users through online forms into your document templates.
  • GroupDocs Comparison - lets you compare two revisions of a document online. It compares documents side-by-side automatically and highlights all differences with underlines and strikeouts. With this app, you can compare Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations.

[caption id=“attachment_1479” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“GroupDocs’ online document management dashboard”]GroupDocs’ online document management dashboard [/caption]

How Can GroupDocs’ Online Document Management Solution Help Your Business?Consider a scenario where you are running a law firm and have to manage thousands of clients’ documents. With GroupDocs cloud storage, all your documents are securely stored in the cloud and protected from unauthorized access. You can retrieve and share your documents wherever you are, from any device. Thanks to the document assembly app, GroupDocs can help you to automate the process of generating documents. If you need to create tens or even hundreds of custom documents based on user-specific data, this app is of great help. It allows you to minimize errors, ensures the accuracy of documents and cuts down the document creation time. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find differences between two document revisions. Our online comparison service comes in handy on such occasions. With GroupDocs Comparison, any modifications, even tiny ones, are really simple to spot. It saves time and effort, and allows you to keep your documents accurate. In case you want to review a document prepared by your colleagues before sending it out for signature, use our annotation app. Simply upload the document and share it with your colleagues for a real time collaborative review. Once the document is reviewed and conformed, you can send it for signature with the help of our online signature service. You’ll be amazed on how quickly a document can be signed and your partners/clients will be delighted with the convenient online signing process. In short, with GroupDocs, you can access all online document management apps without the need to pay for a number of expensive stand-alone document management tools. We’d suggest you to take a look at some examples on how GroupDocs’ apps suite helps you solve real business problems! So why wait? Register with GroupDocs and feel the difference!