Convert Word Document to Markdown in Java

The support of markdown files by word processing editors has increased its usage at a large scale. Hence the conversion of existing text content into markdown format is often demanded. This article discusses how to programmatically convert Word documents into markdown files in Java. Recently, we have already discussed some of the following related topics:

Java API to Parse and Convert Markdown Files

GroupDocs provides APIs that allow Word document parsing and its conversion into other formats within applications. We will use its Java API to parse and transform Word DOC/DOCX files into MD files. Further, the API supports parsing many other file formats like PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, eBooks, markup documents, email messages, images, and many others mentioned in the documentation.

You can download the JAR file from the downloads section or use the latest repository and dependency configurations within your Maven-based Java applications.

    <name>GroupDocs Artifacts Repository</name>

How to Convert Word to Markdown in Java

Why not just move straight to the topic of your interest and let’s transform the Microsoft Word document into markdown format? The following steps show how to convert the Word DOC/DOCX to Markdown in Java.

  • Load the MS Word file using the Parser class.
  • Get the formatted text of the loaded file using the FormattedTextOptions class and Markdown mode.
  • Read the complete content using the readToEnd method.
  • Convert it to markdown format by writing the content to an MD file using the write method of FileWriter class.

The following Java source code converts the MS Word to a Markdown file.

Get a Free API License

You can get a free temporary license to use the API without the evaluation limitations.


To summarize, we learned to convert Word files into markdown format in Java within the applications. You can utilize this feature within your application. You can extend your application by using other available features of the API.

Learn more about the Java Parser API using its documentation and by experiencing the examples available on GitHub. Contact us for any query via the forum.

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