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Free Online STL File Viewer

You can view STL data using a free online viewer. Just follow the simple steps to display and render.

  • Drag and drop your STL file into the assigned area or upload it.
  • After uploading, the file will appear in the viewer.
  • You can Scroll to navigate between pages.
  • Adjust the view of the STL file by zooming in or out.
  • Choose to either Print or Download the STL as PDF & PNG format.
View STL Files - Online Free

Online STL Viewer

After 24 hours, the files will be removed from the servers, and the download links will no longer be active.

STL Viewer – Developer’s Guide

If you are interested in developing your own STL viewer? Just choose standalone libraries or cloud-based APIs. Explore the options and decide the platform that suits your requirements for building the STL files and CAD design viewer from scratch.

STL Files Viewer using C#

Here’s how to view STL files in C# using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET:

You can gain further insight into developing STL Viewer using C#.

View STL Files using Java

Java developers can use the steps and the below-mentioned code sample to view STL files using GroupDocs.Viewer for Java:

For more information, refer to how to build STL Viewer using Java.

Cloud API to View STL Files

For the STL Viewer within your cloud-based applications, visit Viewer Cloud API. Choose the most suitable API for your requirements by exploring the various available options.


How to view STL files online?

It’s simple - drag and drop it into the designated area to upload. Once the upload is complete, your STL file will be available for viewing in the STL viewer. From there, you can effortlessly navigate, scroll, zoom, print, and even download the drawings in PDF and PNG format.

How quick is this online STL viewing tool?

Rendering is completed in mere seconds with this efficient and speedy free online tool.

How can I build my own STL viewer?

You have the option to use either our standalone libraries or Cloud API for development.

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