Split or Merge PDF, Word, Excel Documents in Java

Worried about merge or split documents of various types in multiple platforms? There could be many statements in your mind:

  • How to merge PDF documents together in Java?
  • Want to split word documents, or merge excel spreadsheets.
  • What to do
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Insert OLE Objects in Word, Excel, PowerPoint with C#

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is provided by Microsoft and allows you to create and edit documents containing items or objects that are created by various applications.

As an example, you can embed spreadsheets, images, and …

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C# Diff Library for Comparing Text Files

The GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET is a C# library which allows you to compare documents and find differences. Compare and merge Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, PDF, Text, HTML and many other documents, retrieve a list of changes between source …

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Show & Hide Page Borders while Converting Documents to HTML in C#

Convert DOCX to HTML in CSharp

Either you want to convert a document to HTML format to get the content for your website, or you have come across an online document submission website that requires documents to be submitted in HTML format. In either case, you …

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Convert JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF Images to PDF in C#

We convert an Image to PDF because it gives assurance that the image will display correctly across devices without being altered. PDF images are ideal for printing and for storing images online when we intend them to be downloaded. PDFs keep …

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Search Image Signatures in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF Documents

Electronic Signature is the digital data that is attached to an electronically transmitted document. It verifies the sender’s intention to sign the document.

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET. Search Image Signatures in Documents

As a developer, you can programmatically sign documents and also verify if the document is properly signed …

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Compare Two Files or More in C#

Document comparison is one of the most common requirements for today’s programming world. Whether it is to compare word files, compare excel files, PDF documents or even compare text files or any other document format, accuracy is the key factor …

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Convert PowerPoint PPT, PPTX and OpenOffice Presentations to PDF in C#

PDF is no doubt the Portable Document Format, which is one of the most commonly used file formats. PPT and PPTX formats of Microsoft PowerPoint shares the popularity in business documents. Due to the popularity of both the document …

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