Convert MSG and EML files to PDF in Java

Convert Emails to PDF in Java

Emails to PDF conversions are often required for referencing and requirements like sharing the email content. In this article, we will learn about how to convert email message files like MSG and EML into PDF using Java. Previously, in one of the earlier blog posts, we have already learned to convert MSG & EML files using C# in .NET application. This will help to automate the Email conversion within the desktop or web applications.

The following are the … Continue Reading

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Merge PDF, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentation Files in C#

Today, we will learn to programmatically merge PDF, Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations using C#. In an earlier post, we have seen the merging and splitting of documents using Java.

merge multiples pdf, word, excel, ppt files using csharp dotnet

This article will also show you the code examples regarding:

I will be using the GroupDocs.Merger for .NET in all the examples below. Before you proceed, you may get the API from either of the following options:… Continue Reading

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Compare Text, Word, and PDF Files with Java Difference Library

After going through this article, we will be able to compare text files, Word files, PDF files, and other documents in Java-based applications. By using this feature, we can compare invoices, contracts, presentations, AutoCAD designs, price lists, or programming files. We will also the privilege to highlight the identified changes and have the option to either accept or reject any change. We can even build our own document comparison tool similar to the one launched by GroupDocs, using the document … Continue Reading

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Convert WebP to JPG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF in C#

In our previous post, we discussed WebP images and learned to convert WebP Images in Java. Today, in this article, we will learn to programmatically convert the WebP images into JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other formats using C#.

Convert WebP image to JPG, PNG or PDF formats in CSharp

First, we will have a look to convert the WebP images in the simplest way. Later we will convert with some customized options like tilt, flip, grayscale, resize, change gamma, contrast, and brightness, and add watermark to converted JPG images. Following … Continue Reading

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Classify your Customer Feedback using Sentiment Analysis in C#

Suppose that you have the opportunity to receive comments or reviews from your customers or some other source and you want to evaluate how positive they are. There is a way to analyze such comments called sentiment analysis. This post focuses on C# sentiment analysis tool based on a deep neural network model. This model is suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Sentiment Analysis API for .NET

If you want to do sentiment analysis programmatically, GroupDocs.Classification serves that … Continue Reading

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Search Text in Word, Excel, PDF, ZIP and other Document Formats using C# .NET

Full text search of documents

We often need a full-text search API that enables our applications to search through documents for particular information specified as a textual search query. The documents can be of any format such as Word (Doc, Docx), PDF, HTML, EPUB, Spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX), Presentation (PPT, PPTX), images, and videos.

GroupDocs.Search is a powerful full-text search API that allows you to search through over 70 document formats in your applications. To make it possible to search instantly across thousands of documents, they … Continue Reading

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Text Indexing and Search your Directories using C#

Using the .NET API, you can perform searching by parts and specify the number of search threads in C#. This feature will be more beneficial when you search text in large indexes that contain thousands of documents. Furthermore, you can now get the start & end time, and the total search time to get the search results.

Following code snippet shows how to create an index and then search text in chunks from the mentioned folder in C# using GroupDocs.Search for .NETContinue Reading

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Split or Merge PDF, Word, Excel Documents in Java

Worried about merge or split documents of various types in multiple platforms? There could be many statements in your mind:

  • How to merge PDF documents together in Java?
  • Want to split word documents, or merge excel spreadsheets.
  • What to do if I need to merge PPT/PPTX presentations.
  • Many more questions, the list may not end.
Split or Merge PDF, Word, Excel documents in Java
GroupDocs.Merger for Java

GroupDocs provides a document merging solution for all such requirements. It’s Java API allows you to merge documents and manipulate document structure in Java across a

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Insert OLE Objects in Word, Excel, PowerPoint with C#

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is provided by Microsoft and allows you to create and edit documents containing items or objects that are created by various applications.

As an example, you can embed spreadsheets, images, and sound clips as OLE objects in a Word document. You can use these OLE objects in the Word document and do not worry about switching to multiple applications again and again. You can embed or insert such objects programmatically using … Continue Reading

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